Meech International has further enhanced its Hyperion range of anti-static systems with the launch of the Hyperion 971IPS-30 extra-long range pulsed DC ionizing bar. Ideal for applications in a number of industries, including plastics and packaging, the 971IPS-30 is the most powerful ionizing bar in the Hyperion range.

“We value the insight and feedback regularly provided by our customers, and we have recently noticed an increased demand for longer range ionisation in certain applications. Ultimately, this is what led to our decision to upgrade the Hyperion 971IPS bar,” explains David Rogers, Technical Director at Meech International. “The new 971IPS-30 is powered by a +/- 30kV 24V DC Integrated Power Supply (IPS), which effectively makes it the most powerful bar we have launched to date.”

With an operating working distance of 200 to 1500mm, the 971IPS-30 suits very long-range applications, such as large diameter rewinds and turret winders in the plastics sector. As with the previous version of the bar, the 24V DC supply removes the need for high voltage wiring.

Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring (ICM) technology ensures the performance of the bar is maintained with the aid of local and remote alerts, which indicate when the bar needs cleaning. The titanium emitters’ design allows them to be easily cleaned in situ and replaced when required, therefore preserving the 971IPS-30’s high quality performance over lengthy periods of time. The Hyperion BarMaster Remote Programmer can also be used to adjust the frequency and balance of the bar, optimising it for any application.

The Hyperion 971IPS-30 will be on display at FachPack and the K Trade Fair.

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