Maco Pkg is partnering with The Dow Chemical Company to manufacture PacXpert Technologies, an innovative form of flexible packaging poised to change the landscape for retail shelves and wholesale packaging. The partnership will address the growing demand for convenient and sustainable packaging solutions in North America.

Maco Pkg ran several trials on various materials and packaging for Dow during the past six months, the most significant being PacXpert.

“It’s a very stable pouch, very strong, especially in regards to all the testing it has gone through,” comments Maco Pkg account executive Tom Seymour. “Because of the placement of the seals and angles on the packaging, consumers and manufacturers don’t have to worry about pouches bursting or breaking. It’s a huge advancement.”

With its unique ergonomics, PacXpert has earned multiple awards for its engineering design while enabling the transition from rigid, large volume containers. This flexible pouch offers lightweight durability, optimized marketing space, and more efficient use of resources throughout the product lifecycle.

PacXpert comes equipped with handles on both the top and bottom for easy lifting and precision pouring. For shipping and storage, the pouch lays perfectly flat, optimizing shelf space. When filled with product, the packaging cubes out to allow for space-efficient storage, stacking, attractive shelf appeal and the ability to stand up either horizontally or vertically.

The packaging fitment can be interchanged for a wide variety of possible contents, ranging from non-edibles (i.e. paint, motor oil, cleaning products, etc.) to edibles (i.e. breakfast cereal, dog food, coffee, etc.). Since the packaging is transparent, the contents are easily viewed, and printing options for all four sides are virtually endless.

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