Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.) has announced the opening of its new 20,000 square-foot facility dedicated to non-food contract packaging. Expected to be operational in October 2016, it is conveniently located in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, only minutes from the T.H.E.M. Marlton headquarters. The facility will be featuring Snapsil production along with a variety of single-dose, easy-open packaging formats.

“We are very pleased to be expanding T.H.E.M.’s capabilities in response to the growing demand for innovative non-food, flexible packaging solutions,” says Neil Kozarsky, CEO and president of T.H.E.M. “The establishment of a standalone facility will best serve the needs of our growing customer based involved with non-food product formats.”

T.H.E.M.’s new contract packaging facility will support a variety of single-use packaging formats for a broad range of categories including household, automotive, industrial, lawn and garden, adhesive and other similar products. The centerpiece of the Mt. Laurel facility will be Snapsil, the easy-open portion pack technology. Developed by the Australian-based Snapsil Corporation, T.H.E.M. introduced the technology to North American-based consumer packaged goods (CPG) customers. Snapsil semi-rigid containers feature a patented audible “snap-opening” function that allows consumers to open the package with one hand. Snapsil has developed a range of creative dispensing designs, enabling simple and controlled product release for a variety of unit-dose and single-serve consumer products. With a comprehensive array of configurations, Snapsil packaging is catching on quickly, prompting the need for the single-serve packaging facility dedicated to non-food and beverage applications. The company also has a comprehensive array of other packaging technologies and partnerships to facilitate a cost-effective, sustainable solution for every project.

“T.H.E.M. has always been defined by its ability to bring the best technologies forward to solve a vast array of packaging challenges,” Kozarsky says. “Our new dedicated facility is another opportunity to provide our North American customers with the best packaging solutions for today’s global market.”