The Flexographic Technical Association’s 2016 Fall Conference, scheduled from October 10-12 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisvill, Kentucky, will conclude with a special 90-minute “Great Anilox Roll Debate.”

As part of the special presentation, representatives from ARC International, Apex International, Harper Corporation of America, Interflex Laser Engravers and Bingham Flexo Services will discuss why certain technical parameters are designed to achieve a variety of results relative to cell structure, depth and design.

“At the heart of any flexographic printing process is the anilox roll,” says conference co-chair Eric Frank of KBA-Flexotecnica. “As such, it’s vital to understand the various cell geometries and how these designs affect ink transfer, print quality and consistency. This session, coupled with an audience Q&A, will educate attendees so they return home with meaningful knowledge they can implement immediately.”

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