Yazoo Mills has added five new sizes of 3” I.D. X .250 cores to its nationally recognized Stock Core Program, an addition that brings Yazoo’s offering to a grand total of 108 sizes of cores in stock at all times. Yazoo now stocks 60 sizes of 3” I.D. X .125 cores, 48 sizes of 3” I.D. and 6” I.D. X .250 cores.

With the largest Stock Core Program in the industry, Yazoo’s paper cores are used by a variety of industries all across North America. Yazoo’s 3” I.D. and 6” I.D. Stock Core program has over 1.8 million cores in inventory and on the floor at all times. Customers are now able to call and order cores for same-day, nationwide shipping up until 4 p.m. EST.


Yazoo Mills
(717) 624-8993; www.yazoomills.com