Maxcess has announced the release of the D-MAX Enhanced Web Guide Controller, which marks an extensive update to the flagship controller from Fife. According to the company, the D-MAX Enhanced positions itself as the most powerful controller in the industry.

“Our D-MAX line of Web Guide Controllers has long been our flagship product, known throughout the industry for its powerful features and reliability in a compact design,” says Shomari Head, global product manager for Fife Guiding Systems. “We rebuilt the D-MAX to offer advanced features and sheer power that was once unimaginable in a Web Guide Controller at this price.”

The D-MAX Enhanced is an OEM-friendly controller that builds on the power of the original D-MAX, a controller praised in the industry, with features like “dual rail” power, single or dual drive options and ISaGRAF-based state machine programmability. In addition, it offers power input reverse polarity protection, standard PTP-2 and PTP-1, Device Level Ring (DLR) connectivity, Add On Profile (AOP) for Rockwell Automation PACs, support for any language, a C-script programming language and backward compatibility with existing D-MAX controllers.

“Fife has a rich history in bringing revolutionary web guiding products to the industry, starting with our first web guide in 1939,” says Greg Jehlik, CEO of Maxcess. “With the D-MAX Enhanced, we are taking another step forward in innovative web-guiding technology, power and reliability.”