Coveris has collaborated with halal food brand Haloodies and partner CP Foods for the retail launch of a new cooked meat range in Tesco. The launch features seven cooked chicken lines, marking a breakthrough for consumers seeking increased availability of halal meat.

Available in selected Tesco stores nationwide, Coveris was enlisted as a flexible film packaging partner for Haloodies and CP Foods for the supply of printed lidding films. Extruded at Coveris’ Winsford, England, facility, the film is then printed and laminated at its site in Gainsborough. The high-barrier top web film utilizes Coveris’ technical capabilities to ensure superior pack integrity, visual clarity and food safety. Coupled with award-winning color management and print, the result is an attractive, stand-out shelf presence for the new Haloodies cooked meats range.

Designed by Yorkshire-based packaging design agency theSpiritof…, the artwork captures the Haloodies brand message using colorful branding, product-inspired imagery and modern typography. This is brought to life on press through the use of a CYMK palette and additional spot colors for extra vibrancy. The impact of the design and packaging on-shelf is product differentiation and consumer appeal.

The Haloodies brand, whose name was lovingly created by combining “halal” and “foodies,” is a Muslim-owned halal food brand aimed at millennial Muslims. Haloodies was recently awarded listings in Tesco for the first time after identifying a gap in the retail market for the availability, quality, choice and convenience of halal meat. The range consists of seven lines of ready-to-eat cooked chicken.

Imran Kausar, co-founder and managing director of KKR Halal, which owns the Haloodies brand, says: “We are really excited to be launching our new Haloodies lines into Tesco and expect to create a new core range. Our ambition is very clear: to improve the quality of halal products for those who consume it and cement Haloodies as the most trusted halal brand. Millennial halal consumers know there is a shortage of quality halal products. We have paid attention to our branding to ensure halal brands can be as attractive as mainstream brands.”

Seven lines from Haloodies cooked chicken range are now available in 46 Tesco stores across Greater London, the Midlands and the North West, and online through Tesco’s website.