Ask consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers if “packaging has an influence on my brand value,” and expect about 80% to agree. That’s what Packaging World found in more than 300 responses to a survey it did on behalf of FPA. Those answering were a cross-section of key decision makers including managers in food, personal care, health care industries and packaging/design consultants.

The Flexible Packaging Association commissioned the survey, and the complete results are highlighted in an e-book and brochure available from FPA. The book’s title is: Fresh. Functional. Flexible. Driving Business Growth with Flexible Packaging. FPA Brand Value Study.

The e-book — and its printed partner — cover topics central to the way flexible packaging addresses current packaging needs. In addition to looking at how packaging enhances brand value, the books also show how packaging can help products command a premium price. The books also look at how packaging satisfies demands of the consumer of the future.

Details on Perceptions

Of the survey participants responding to the statement, “Packaging has an influence on my brand value:

57% said, “Strongly agree”

23% said, “Agree”

2% said, “Disagree

18% said, “Strongly disagree.

The research underscored the power of marketing and brand managers in determining packaging choices. Survey respondents were asked, “Which three stake-holders are most likely to influence your choice of packaging solution?”

Two-thirds of respondents said that marketing/brand managers were the most likely to influence the choice. Consumers were ranked next highest with more than half of respondents listing them as a likely stakeholder. (See Table for added details.)

For More Info

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