Meech International is celebrating the worldwide sale of over 200 AHUv3’s, the company’s first in-house manufactured air handling unit and an integral component to three of its web cleaning technologies. Featuring a robust design and requiring minimal maintenance, the AHUv3 provides the required airflows for the web cleaners.

“With web cleaning being one of Meech’s areas of expertise, we decided it was time to focus not just on the technology of the cleaning heads of our systems, but also the technology behind them,” explains Adam Battrick, sales director at Meech International. “As with many of our innovations, this was a customer-driven initiative. Feedback indicated there was demand for a solution that guaranteed excellent filtration while also reducing the need for monitoring and operator intervention. As a result, we developed the AHUv3 family.”

There are three models of the AHUv3 available: a 2-pump compact unit, a 3-pump unit and a 6-pump unit. The 2-pump model’s compact design allows for easier integration in production environments where spacing is an issue. The 3-pump and 6-pump models are typically used for applications with web widths above 600 mm.

While the AHUv3 shares similarities with previous air handling systems, Meech has now replaced the analogue features of the V1 and V2 units with a graphic display and digital touchscreen that allows remote activation, improved monitoring and personalized settings. This enables users to accurately pre-set the required level of pressure, depending on the application.


Meech International