At the soon-to-begin 2016 Labelexpo Americas in Rosemont, Illinois, Roll-2-Roll Technologies will feature demonstrations of its product line of sensors that provide accurate edge, line, contrast, thread and UV-marking detection.

In the web-guiding world, Roll-2-Roll Technologies will introduce and demonstrate an advanced data analytics and fault-prediction technology available for the ARIS Web Guiding System. KOIOS Data Analytics offers the ability to detect problems in the process based on the behavior of the web and the data collected and analyzed through the web-guide intelligent control and diagnostic system. A display indicates health index and the causes of lower health index. There will be a live demonstration of the process during the show.

“The versatility of the web-positioning sensors and the creation of this data analytics feature for the ARIS Web Guiding Systems provide great opportunities for converting operations to become not only more efficient, but also more profitable by eliminating downtime and waste,” says Aravind Seshadri, president and co-founder of Roll-2-Roll Technologies.

The company will be located at booth #362 in Hall A.

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