Ryback and Ryback Inc. has partnered with Fujifilm to develop a new Universal Seaming Adhesive (USA) for the shrink sleeve industry, a revolutionary new product will change the way shrink sleeve manufacturers get product seamed. R&R Inc. will be the exclusive distributor of the product throughout the world.

The USA is designed to be used on PVC and PETG shrinkable substrates. Unlike existing seaming solvents that melt the film and the actual substrate to itself, USA forms a true mechanical bond which allows both edges of the finished tube to be glued to each other.

There are several advantages of using an adhesive over conventional solvents in the market today, the biggest being that it forms a mechanical bond and will never migrate through substrates layers. USA also offers a 30 percent to 40 percent higher yield rate per gallon than conventional seaming solvent when applied at the recommended flow rates.

USA is also more environmentally friendly than existing seaming solvents, as the formula contains 80 percent VOC exempt ingredients. Bond strength and seam clarity is equal to, and in most cases, exceeds finished shrink sleeve industry standards.

USA will be available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers. For higher volumes, it will be available in 55 gallon drums.


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