The American Institute for Packaging and the Environment has added two new members: Novolex and Liqui-Box.

“We are very happy to have Novolex and Liqui-Box join us,” says Jeff Wooster, president of AMERIPEN, which advocates for packaging policy developments in North America. “Both companies are leaders in the creation and advancement of sustainable packaging solutions for a variety of markets and applications. Their membership is part of a growing trend among packaging converters – those in the middle of the value chain – to increase their involvement in sustainable packaging activities.”

Phil Rozenski, senior director of sustainability at Novolex, says sustainability is a core value at the company.

“At every step of our operations – from our product designs and manufacturing processes to our two world-class recycling facilities – we work tirelessly to be the most sustainable packaging company,” Rozenski says. “We look forward to collaborating with AMERIPEN and other member firms to continue advancing packaging solutions to support the growing demand for a greener world.”

Ken Swanson, Liqui-Box Corp.’s CEO, says the company is looking forward to working with AMERIPEN, as well.

“As an innovator and leader in liquid packaging systems, we’re looking forward to working with AMERIPEN and its membership to help promote the best use and benefits of sustainable packaging,” Swanson says.



American Institute for Packaging and the Environment