In response to the demand for melamine-free packaging, Uflex has developed a Grade F-AMF melamine-free, acrylic-coated BOPET clear transparent film.

Developed at Uflex’s Poland film manufacturing plant, the film – FLEXPET and FLEXMETPROTECT – also offers good printability and an enhanced lamination bond. It exhibits good transparency and clarity along with excellent machinability and handling properties. One side primer coating provides emphatic adhesion with inks and adhesives. The acrylic coated surface is also recommended for surface printing. The other side of the film surface can be corona treated for value addition. The film possesses good mechanical, surface and thermal properties and ensuring excellent processability.

“Looking into the growing consciousness towards health, this film has been particularly developed amid increasing demand from our customers globally,” notes Pramod Sirsamkar, Uflex president of technical and new product development.

Adds Ashok Chaturvedi, Uflex chairman and managing director: “(The) film is a testament to Uflex’s unwavering commitment towards consumer safety and customer satisfaction across the globe. Additionally, this film also exhibits excellent transparency, gloss and printability, making it an absolute delight for the converters.”