Innovia Films is expanding its portfolio of peelable biaxially-oriented polypropylene films by offering its trademarked Propafilm RCP in 52 and 60 microns. 

The easy-to-open food packaging film now includes heavy-duty, high-barrier and snap-wrap options. Consumers of all ages and abilities can simply peel open the seals to reveal the product inside without using excessive force, scissors or other sharp instruments. The film can be used on existing packaging machines without any adjustments.

“Brand owners are waking up to the fact that easy-open is increasingly becoming a major purchase consideration for consumers, especially those with reduced dexterity,” says Amaia Cowan, product manager of specialty packaging films at Innovia Films. “We have listened to customers who often complain about the difficulty of getting into conventional packaging. Our easy-to-open packaging range makes their life that little bit easier. Rest assured, these films continue to protect the products they wrap while providing an enhanced product experience.”

Innovia Films