A quick and easy way to know what is going on in flexible packaging is to follow FPA’s new Twitter account. Go to Twitter; search for @FlexPackOrg and click the “Follow” button.

The feed includes articles and information on key value-chain issues and helps FPA engage directly with organizations outside of the membership. Those organizations include retailers, brand owners, consumers and the media.

Below are some recent tweets as examples of what postings include:

  • Stand up #pouches and other #FlexiblePackaging are taking over produce aisles. Learn why. http://ow.ly/2OHy303ND1s  @thepacker
  • Celebrity Chefs join fight against #FoodWaste by turning wasted #Olympic food into meals for homeless.
  • We are now accepting entries for our 2017 #FlexiblePackaging Achievement Awards. Deadline is Nov. 21. http://ow.ly/8E0p303Nyzr
  • Study points out the important role plastic #packaging plays in reducing food waste.
    http://ow.ly/zmpO303hGEq @plasticsnews
  • Recycling programs and the curious case of inconsistent language: http://ow.ly/A2B6302FaBz @packagingdigest
  • New #packaging innovation is playing a critical role in purchasing decisions. http://ow.ly/spzN302Yspr @FoodBusiness #FlexiblePackaging
  • @CampbellSoupCo pushes further into pouches. http://ow.ly/lCPG302FbTj  #flexiblepackaging @plasticsnews
  • If plastic #packaging & goods were replaced w/ traditional materials environmental cost would increase by billions. http://ow.ly/pGpr303hGcq

Go to Twitter and search @FlexPackOrg. Click on “Follow” to add to your list.