The 2016 Report to the Members is a concise, yet in-depth, summary of the Flexible Packaging Association’s progress and direction. It covers key initiatives that meet member needs, and it also outlines FPA’s plans in critical areas.

The report looks at FPA initiatives in six central areas:

  • Promotion. Highlights flexible packaging’s advantages and benefits.
  • Advocacy. Protects against potential barriers to growth and to build relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Sustainability. Research, initiatives and documentation across the flexible packaging life cycle.
  • Industry Data. Provides business information and benchmarking data to members and investment community.
  • Networking and Education. Enhancing opportunities to connect members.
  • Communication. Keeps members and stakeholders informed and engaged.

In looking at Promotion, the Report to the Members outlines a robust communications strategy as a centerpiece of FPA efforts. The strategy clearly defines target audiences and brings social media tools into the mix of channels to reach those audiences. FPA’s new Twitter account is an example of tools to lead the discussion on flexible packaging.

Target Segments

The Promotion strategy also looks at specific audience segments. One example involves human resource development in member companies. A microsite and a brochure are designed to support member outreach in recruiting.

The FPA partnership on the Material Recovery for the Future is researching solutions to flexible packaging sortation at material recovery facilities.

For More Info

Members can get an electronic version of Report to the Members by going to

What’s Next

Where will FPA focus its efforts in the future? The emphasis will be on new programs and continued enhancement of communication channels using newer technology.

Sustainability also remains a priority. Support for sustainability will include an eBook and an infographic. The strategy is to give members easy downloads so they can convey flexible packaging’s sustainability benefits to others.

Networking continues as a priority. FPA has a full schedule of Annual Meetings and Executive Conferences.

Promotion and advocacy includes continued support of flexible packaging. Industry videos and more eBooks will join FPA’s array of promotional tools.

Member can expect added electronic communications to serve them. They include the Industry News eBulletin and the monthly FPA NOW eNewsletter.