To meet the growing demand for environmentally-friendly packaging, Macchi will display a 5-layer POD (polyolefin dedicated) machine running at a high production rate with a special formulation designed with Dow Chemical at K 2016, scheduled from October 19-26 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

One of the most promising niches within the flex pack market, a standup pouch offers the same convenience and performance of multi-material pouches with the added benefit of being recyclable where PE bag and film recovery currently exists. When compared to other packaging options, PE standup pouches are often lighter in weight, and that can lead to decreased energy use in manufacturing, transportation and refrigeration. The recyclability and energy efficiency of pouches can help a company meet its sustainability goals.

Throughout the duration of the show, the machine will provide all visitors a live proof of the fact that a POD film can be down-gauged, sometimes up to 40 percent of the original thickness, thus saving resources, as thinner means less raw materials and less energy. This is subsequently much lighter, thus reducing the carbon footprint during the packing and transport stages, and is easily recyclable, as it is made of mutually compatible resins.


Macchi SPA