ProAmpac’s Ampac division has developed an improved MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) pouch for the International Space Station.

Ampac has been a producer of MRE retort pouches for the U.S. military for many years. Because of the quality and functionality of these pouches, Ampac is now supplying them to NASA for use on the International Space Station.

The Ampac retort pouches are used in NASA’s thermostabilized pouch processing program. NASA produces over 50 different thermostabilized entrees, side dishes and desserts for use in the International Space Station food system. Due to the high quality and long shelf life of the MRE pouches, it is the perfect application for astronauts on the Space Station.

“Ampac is proud to support the NASA space program by providing MRE pouches to the space station. It is an exciting use of the retort MRE pouch that we have been making for years,” says Millie Nuno, ProAmpac’s director of marketing.