Wikoff Color Corp. has redesigned its website to create a better overall user experience, including a more user-friendly interface and improved functionality. 

The website was also designed to be a visual representation of the Wikoff brand, without overwhelming the customer with content.

“We wanted someone visiting the site to be able to look at each page and know exactly what Wikoff is about without having to read endless amounts of information,” says Daryl Collins, vice president of sales and marketing at Wikoff. “If you’re looking at our website, you probably want information quickly, so that became our goal: deliver useful content in an interesting and easily digested way.”

Wikoff also incorporated a product offering page that lets users navigate an extensive list based on print technology and chemistry. If visitors are interested in more information, it’s easier for them to reach out to a Wikoff representative via the two “Get in Touch” sections.

“During the planning process, we thought it was critical to put a contact block on the landing page,” Collins says. “How many times a day do you Google a company because you want to know how to get in touch with them? We didn’t want people to have to dig through the website to be able to reach out.”

An interactive map on the contact page allows visitors to find the nearest locations. When clicked, each location pin will pop up to show the physical address and the customer service telephone number. Users can also access Wikoff’s social media links displayed throughout the site.

Wikoff Color Corp.
(803) 548-2210; www.wikoff.com