Berry Plastics has announced the launch of Entour, a new line of pouch packaging solutions. The first offering in this family of products is a non-laminated standup pouch, a solution that offers all the functionality and performance of traditional laminated pouches without the added process of lamination of dissimilar materials, which can limit recyclability and affect packaging economics.

This new non-laminated pouch under the Entour brand is well suited for baking mixes, granola, snacks, confections, rice, pasta and other baked or dry contents. Opening and closure features make this a user-friendly, on-the-go, lightweight and convenient packaging choice. This new pouch is also designed to impart specific performance attributes, such as stiffness, sealing and functionality desired in a pouch packaging solution. Multiple decoration options are available with the new Entour pouch line to help create an appealing shelf presence.

Three distinct performance options will be available in this pouch format to meet customers’ differing content requirements: moisture barrier, moisture and oxygen barrier, and non-barrier.

“Our goal with the new Entour line of pouches was to create a pouch packaging line that meets all the required functional elements and lets the uniqueness of our customer's products stand out on the shelf,” says Elizabeth Curran, market director, Flexible Solutions. “The new Entour line will be available in standup and other pouch styles, and in a range of formats. We look forward to working with our customers to find a solution that best suits their needs.”

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