Cosmo Films has introduced its BOPP-based black velvet lamination films, which offer a matte black color with a velvet touch to laminated paper, paperboard or packages.

“The launch of black velvet lamination films has added a new dimension to our range of premium lamination films, and the exciting fact is that this development can be replicated in other colors as well,” says Satish Subramanian, global head of sales and marketing at Cosmo Films. “The films have been commercialized and the response so far has been extremely encouraging.”

The manufacturer’s black velvet lamination films should be laminated to the unprinted paper before printing or post-lamination embellishments. The films are available for both thermal and wet lamination in 32 and 21 microns, respectively. The films are glueable, stampable and printable, and offer a high resistance to scuffing. 

Cosmo Films