Sun Chemical’s Dr. Kumar Menon was honored by the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers with the prestigious Technical Achievement Award. 

Menon, director of technical specialty R&D at Sun Chemical, received the award for his “significant contributions to the science of printing ink formulation, manufacture or application.” Some of his key achievements that led to his selection include:

•    being the first to formulate a dedicated UV-screen ink for compact discs and DVDS,
•    developing a UV-screen ink for outdoor use on polyester coated metal with strong chemical and abrasion resistance, 
•    formulating the first CD/DVD UV-screen ink that was NVP- and amine-free, 
•    creating offset inks for optical discs, 
•    developing UV inks for OEM panel displays on automotive and appliance parts,
•    producing credit card inks for screen and offset printing,
•    creating UV LED-curable screen inks and formulating a 100 percent UV spray for plastic and glass decoration.

“It is an honor to work with Kumar,” says Curt Baskin, product manager for screen and industrial inks at Sun Chemical. “He is a brilliant formulator for screen, offset and even products for other print media. His insight and knowledge has been amazing when it comes to developing products for certain market segments or even specific products for key customers. When I approach him about a certain application, he is already thinking about a formulation in his mind that will work before he gets to his lab. No substrate, application or printing process is too daunting for Kumar. He is very deserving of the Technical Achievement Award.”

Menon has worked with Coates/Sun Chemical for more than 30 years.  He started working as a technologist in the screen ink development lab with Coates in 1985 – a place where he could combine and apply his knowledge of material science, which he studied while earning his bachelor’s degree from London Southbank University in London, with photochemistry, which he studied while earning his Ph.D. from Brunel University.

“I am deeply humbled, but elated with this honor. It is a wonderful surprise,” Menon says. “There are many people from Coates/Sun Chemical, past and present, who have supported me over the years and given me the opportunity to work here in the United States with the freedom to put my knowledge into action. I couldn’t have received this award without them, and I’m thankful to some of our major customers who provided us with some unique challenges and the opportunity to work with them.”

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