Fairfield, New Jersey-based converter Custom Labels Inc. has listened to its customers well enough to know that the flexible packaging and film label markets are two areas slated for big growth.

And it’s true. The North American flexible packaging market was valued at roughly $30 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow to nearly $34 billion by 2021, according to a report from consulting and market research firm Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence.

“This is an exciting time in packaging history. The turn of the century has marked a new era in the packaging world,” says Abraham Rubin, president and CEO of Custom Labels, which he started in 1999. “Our customers are seeing flexible packaging and are interested in how it may impact their business.”

Custom Labels currently uses UV- and water-based printing technologies to produce (predominantly paper-based) labels and packaging for customers in the food, bakery, health, beauty, coupon and beverage segments, but Rubin is taking big steps toward future growth in the flexible packaging and film label industries by investing in equipment that meets customer expectations.

“The true backbone of our company is our presses and the pressmen who operate them,” Rubin says. “We take pride in delivering for our customers, so we plan on ‘striking while the iron is hot.’”

To assist with these new opportunities, the company recently installed a 13-inch, seven-color Mark Andy Performance Series P5 Press. The narrow web flexo press is equipped with delam/relam capability and has a 13-inch web width. Custom Labels also introduced a new X-Rite Pantone Matching System, which offers color management and custom-color ink mixing. Rubin says the company is also looking into implementing equipment such as a seamer to its production line by 2017.

“We are eager to learn and use all types of equipment, which will help us with the growing advancement of technology,” Rubin says. “With our growth in the pressure-sensitive label market, this new millennium has introduced film label and flexible packaging opportunities. We’re eager to learn and grow in this industry, which will already complement our flexography printing business.”

Custom Label’s customers are interested in new innovations for advertising their products, Rubin explains, and as the commercial industry changes, Custom Labels will continue to evolve alongside it.

“Companies are looking for innovation,” he says. “We feel confident in saying that Custom Labels provides a business edge. We are the business partner to serve all customers for their pressure-sensitive labels, film label and flexible packaging (needs). Our success is our customer’s satisfaction and not the order size.”


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