Wikoff Color chose a different approach for its latest flexible packaging product launch. Rather than produce a traditional handout detailing product specs and suitable applications, Wikoff partnered with a converter to bring its solvent-based products to life in the form of a flexible pouch.

The pouch features the 4-color process Alphatech series, which beautifully reproduces the bright, bold colors of the trademark “Color Confident” giraffe, framed by the dense black background of the front side. Wikoff also highlights its Matteflex 2.0 Overlaquer by surface printing the product to illustrate how matte products can enhance flexible packaging shelf appeal. The back side is an excellent showcase for the Alphatech High-Opacity White and Mirror Silver products as the metallic design instantly draws the eye to the tagline “We specialize in being flexible.” If customers have any questions about which products were used in the production of this piece, they can simply look at the bottom gusset where these details have been provided.      


Wikoff Color Corp.

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