ProAmpac’s Ampac division has announced that its Pull Tab beverage pouch will now be marketed and produced in the United States for alcoholic beverages. The award-winning pouch first launched in Switzerland in 2014.

The Ampac Pull Tab pouch is an alternative format to the traditional straw-punch beverage pouch. It is new to the beverage market and provides a hygienic protection of the straw hole with a tear-away, customized label. The premade hole on the pouch body, covered by the label that is applied by fully automatic label dispensers, is novel for this application. The convenient, easy-open pull tab feature allows for a larger hole to drink slurries out of – perfect for a frozen ready-to-drink cocktail.  Traditional pouches require the consumer to pour the contents into another glass before consuming.

The technology behind this pouch is currently produced in Ampac’s Kirchberg, Switzerland location, but the format is now available in the United States. It now includes alcoholic beverages in a larger sized format (375 ml) compared to the original 200 ml size for fruit juice-based drinks. It is the only flavored cocktail beverage available in the United States in a single-serve standup pouch with straw hole and easy-to-open tab. The pouch can also be placed in the freezer and the product can be enjoyed frozen.

Compared to other products on the market, the Pull Tab pouch creates convenient straw access with no need to tear open the pouch or use a separate cup. The straw hole is pre-cut so no piercing of the straw is needed, in addition to a larger diameter straw providing a better drinking experience. Because the beverage is in a pouch, there is no fear of glass breakage and a greater reliability when safely used outdoors. The low volume of waste from the pouch, along with a lighter weight compared to glass, also contributes to its benefits.

Ampac currently produces this pouch for Festive Beverage and its WingDing line of wine cocktails.

“The Ampac Pull Tab pouch provides a new and unique experience for consumers. The new format provides consumer convenience and is a fun, unique way to enjoy a cocktail,” says Millie Nuño, ProAmpac’s director of marketing.