American Durafilm has introduced Duralok, a resealable FEP or Kapton film bag that solves a long-standing issue for handling sample bag materials. Its unique ability allows any bag made from FEP or Kapton film to be transformed into an easy-to-use and resealable container for storage and processing applications, including for cryogenic and high-temperature needs.

With the Duralok closure technology, American Durafilm solved the 50-year-old problem of instantly preserving caustic or critical samples inside FEP or Kapton film bags without the need to purchase or operate heat-sealing or clamping equipment. Duralok bags can be manufactured and packaged along with any other heat-sealing techniques inside its state-of-the-art clean room to ensure the quality and cleanliness. Standard sizes for Duralok range from either 5 mil FEP or Kapton 500FN131 (.005"), with custom size options available.

“This resealable solution will not only increase yield and throughput for our customers, but significantly reduce time, money and resources across the board,” says Mack Hendrick, president of American Durafilm. “With our in-house capacity, we can satisfy all production requirements, ranging from low-to-high volume, as well as short-to-long run."


American Durafilm