Uflex has officially launched its long-awaited aseptic liquid packaging brand, ASEPTO. With the announcement, the company announced that an $85 million (USD), 21-acre manufacturing plant will come online in April 2017, employing about 250 workers.

Uflex plans to create its aseptic packages with a combination of paperboard, aluminium foil and an innermost layer of polyethylene to seal throughout the pack. The packaging is designed to increase shelf life of the product and make it easier for marketers and consumers to handle.

“(The) aseptic packaging market in India is classified into three segments: juices, dairy products and liquor,” starts Ashwani Sharma, president and CEO, new business initiatives, Uflex. “Packaging of flavored milk, other dairy items and liquor in aseptic packaging material will play a key role in propelling the growth of aseptic packaging in the coming years, both in India and overseas. Our total manufacturing capacity of 7 billion packs per year will cater to 90 percent of the domestic market demand. In APAC, the market growth is around 7 percent, and in India the growth has been in double digits for the last three-to-four years.”

Uflex says that the manufacturing plant is designed to be a zero-discharge plant, complete with solar panels and passive architecture-envelop insulation to meet the company’s sustainability goals.