NOVA Chemicals Corporation has announced the startup of its new world-scale linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) gas phase reactor at its Joffre, Alberta site. The new reactor was activated in December, and the company is now shipping butene LLDPE produced on the asset to its customers.

This is the first new LLDPE reactor in the Americas in over a decade. The new capacity allows NOVA Chemicals to meet the growing demand for flexible films used in food packaging, heavy-duty sack and can liners.

“The new supply of LLDPE from our PE1 Expansion Project will enhance NOVA Chemicals’ position as a leading polyethylene supplier in the Americas, helping our customers grow and succeed in their businesses,” says Chris Bezaire, senior vice president, Polyethylene Business.

The addition of this reactor increases NOVA Chemicals’ LLDPE production capacity by close to 1 billion pounds, giving the company total polyethylene production capacity of approximately 5 billion pounds. NOVA Chemicals’ butene LLDPE is already known in the industry for a range of benefits, including excellent balance of physical properties, product uniformity and consistency, and best-in-class gel performance.


NOVA Chemicals