Uflex has launched a Super Barrier Polyester Film, FLEXPET F-PGB-12, a 12-micron BOPET film with specially modified surface treatment. Specifically, one side offers a very high barrier to oxygen, while the other side of the film can be corona treated or left untreated as per the requirements of the converter.

A big advantage with the film is that it does not require any coating or co-extrusion of polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) or ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) for enhancing barrier properties.

The benefits of FLEXPET F-PGB-12 film include:

  • Good flexibility.
  • Exhibits good optical properties/ transparency.
  • Offers good machinability and handling properties due to high tensile strength at break (TSB).
  • Excellent barrier to gas.
  • Cost benefits.

“This film offers a clear cost advantage to converters over other PVDC/EVOH coated/ co-extruded films, and can be used in the packaging for pet food, roasted coffee and other oxygen and barrier sensitive food products,” says J.K. Sharma, AGM, technical service and new product development. “There is a huge demand for this cost-effective speciality BOPET film and we are getting good number of business enquiries.”