Fox Packaging, a second-generation family-owned converter for fresh produce packers and shippers, has announced a capital investment to upgrade its McAllen, Texas, facility by June 2017 in order to better service the needs of its customers with faster production times. 

Along with plans to expand their production facility, the company is investing in more efficient printing and conversion machines, delivering on the company’s promise to meet tight lead times even during the most demanding peak-season volume. 

“We highly value the long-lived relationships we have with our customers and intend to continue to put them first as we evolve as a company,” says Craig Fox, vice president of Fox Packaging. “We are committed to bringing the industry the best solutions, which fuels our passion for innovation to create more efficient machines and effective packaging.” 

In 2010, the company pioneered a study with Michigan State University to test the effectiveness of its original light-blocking technology potato bag, Ultra-Shield. The conclusions from the study allowed Fox Packaging to introduce the industry to a high-quality poly-mesh bag that prevents nearly 100 percent of visible light and 90 percent of ultraviolet light, company official says, dramatically decreasing potato greening and ensuring a longer shelf life.

All Fox Packaging bags are also 100 percent recyclable. The company’s new printer, press and conversion machines will continue this commitment by increasing productivity and saving on energy costs to produce each bag. 

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