John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. (JBSS), in partnership with Damen Jackson, has received two Certificates of Excellence from the 2016 American Graphic Design Awards on behalf of its Fisher and Orchard Valley Harvest brands. Both awards were in the Flexible Package Category.

In 2012, JBSS launched the first-of-its-kind standup, resealable bag for the Fisher brand in the recipe nut category. A leader in innovative packaging concepts, JBSS partnered with Damen Jackson to refresh the Fisher snack packaging to better highlight the variety of snack nuts available. More recently, the two companies unveiled a standup bag to provide maximum visibility on shelf with new added visual treatments. The new snack nut packaging also features a resealable zipper to promote portability and maintain freshness.

JBSS also partnered with Damen Jackson to help update the packaging for Orchard Valley Harvest (OVH), a brand of trail mixes and chocolate covered fruits made with pure and simple nuts and dried sweetened fruits. In response to consumer demand for healthier snacks in on-the-go packaging, OVH introduced individually packaged 1.85 oz. Grab & Go bags and 8-count Multi Packs of 1 oz. pouches. The new packaging also features the Non-GMO Project Verified seal and a transparent window into the snack to emphasize the brand's continued efforts to showcase the transparency of ingredients and processing.

In addition to the innovations to its snack packaging, JBSS is the latest recipient of the prestigious Category Captain Award in the baking ingredient category for its recipe nuts. The award acknowledged Fisher for being the only brand in the recipe nut category to experience growth within 2016.


John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.


Damen Jackson