Bema Incorporated has introduced the Flo-Paq, a flexible package that is the ideal container and dispenser for virtually anything that flows.

The Flo-Paq is tough enough for emergency response and relief. Flo-Paq, when combined with a portable water treatment plant, is the optimal solution for distributing clean drinking water to a disaster recovery zone, for instance. When needed, the structure of Flo-Paq can incorporate films that add barrier and/or strength. Flo-Paq can be 100 percent recyclable, reduces shipping costs and can be made to be biodegradable or compostable. It also safely holds and dispenses cleaning products, liquid soaps, shampoos and other liquids that may be needed in an emergency. It is easy to fill and, when compared to rigid bottles, takes up a fraction of the space when empty.

“Our goal was to design a recyclable product that is durable, easy to fill and easily transportable,” says Glen Galloway, Bema president. “We are excited that our efforts reached these goals and yielded a flexible package that can be effectively used for emergency water distribution.”

Bema Incorporated has begun talks, and is actively seeking partnerships, with manufacturers of portable water treatment systems, companies that deliver potable water to relief zones and the Military.


Bema Incorporated