Safety is the theme for Pearl Technologies at this year’s Converters Expo, which takes place March 23 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“We talk to our customers on a regular basis, and one of the things we hear over and over again is the need to increase the safety of converter production lines,” says Laurent Cros, CEO of Pearl Technologies. “Pearl manufactures some of the sharpest punches and cutters in the industry, so we took it upon ourselves to redesign our products to answer those customer concerns, all while maintaining or improving product efficiency and ease of use.”

Pearl’s innovative safety solutions will be on display at Converters Expo at booth No. 67.

“This push is coming directly from customers and their concerns for keeping their workers safe and ensuring their facilities are compliant with current regulations,” Cros says. “Pearl has addressed these concerns with innovative solutions that keep production lines operating at peak efficiency, but also provide a safe environment for the production teams.”

Here’s a look at some of the products the company will be showcasing:

Lighting Wicket Punch Safety Enclosure
Pearl Technologies’ Lighting Wicket attachments are recognized for their quality, ease of use and flexibility on high-volume production lines. Pearl has added a safety enclosure that surrounds the punch for increased operator safety when doing punch changes.

Pivot Mount Assembly for Side Rail Mount Flex Units
The innovative Pivot Mount Assembly for Pearl’s flex units allows operators to swing the unit 180 degrees for easier access to the die plate, screws and punch when doing changeovers. This orientation prevents the punch from accidentally falling on the operator’s hands while improving visibility. An easy-to-use location pin rotates the unit in 90-degree increments.

Remote Spreader Bar
Also new is a remote-control feature spreader bar, Pearl’s rendition to bowed rollers. This new capability allows operators to quickly change the bow’s operating parameters when located in tight or high-up locations, or across wide webs, where access to the equipment may cause potential safety hazards to personnel operating the machine.

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