Roll-2-Roll Technologies is introducing WPS 440 IR, its newest product in web-positioning sensors for the converting and general automation industry, and an innovative feature available in its wide sensor line that allows users to measure and monitor a moving stack of material such as a stack of folded tissues. 

The unveiling will be held at Converters Expo at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on March 23. Roll-2-Roll Technologies will be located at booth No. 55.  

The new infrared web-positioning sensor with a 440 mm web-sensing window joins the WPS 221 IR to complement the line of wide-width sensors. The company’s wide-positioning sensors are supported by the innovative technology behind all Roll-2-Roll Technologies products, so they can provide a wide variety of applications without the need for complicated calibration procedures. 

The wide-width application sensors allow the user to detect edges, monitor and measure web width, detect the position of a string or wire, monitor the count of a number of strings or wires, and measure and monitor the distance between the outermost strands or between the strands. The latest feature in web-positioning sensors provides monitoring and measurement of a moving stack of products, such as tissue, with any of the wide-width sensors without the need for calibration. 

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