Componex will exhibit its complete product line of WINertia Idler Rolls at the 10th annual Converters Expo, which takes place at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, March 23. Visitors can find Componex at booth No. 34.

To demonstrate its roll product line, Componex has developed a machine that will continuously run in-booth during the show. Dubbed the “Spiral Groove Lie Detector,” the machine is designed to show a side-by-side comparison of eight different kinds of rollers and their abilities to provide traction for the web. All of the idlers will be driven by the web and will have a 90 degree wrap angle. There will be a speed sensor on all eight rollers and a digital readout for every roller. A continuous web will pass through the machine. In real time, all eight rollers will be monitored as the speed of the web – from zero to 1,000 feet per minute – is increased.

Booth visitors can watch as a roller loses traction and can view this happening on the eight-speed monitors. The machine uses a clear polycarbonate sideframe on the front side, so the web can be viewed as it circles through the machine. This will give viewers the best look at how various idler technologies compare to each other. The company says it will also dispel many of the myths of the smooth and spiral grooved rolls in comparison with the WINertia AV Roll.

Also on display will be the Wintrac 4 coating demonstration, which will show how the WINertia Idler reacts to aggressive adhesive surfaces. The WINtrac 4 high-release silicone top coating is applied over a durable, environmentally friendly base coating to achieve optimum release for aggressive adhesive applications. Rolls are easily cleaned without rubbing off the surface topcoat. This durable coating process provides enhanced wear resistance and eliminates long-term web contaminations. WINertia Self-Adjusting Bearings will also be on display for visitors to see firsthand.

“I have seen a very large increase in sales of our Reverse-Crown AV spreader rolls for year ending 2016,” says Cal Couillard, president and design engineer at Componex. “The WINertia AV product has helped our end-user base get control of their plastic and paper webs to steer them accurately through the machine. The key is traction. It is the traction provided by the AV that allows the roller to spread the web from the center out. This simple technology does a great job at one-third the cost of other web spreading devices.”

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