Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Grootegast in the Netherlands has produced the standup pouches for a new range of bean- and vegetable-based ready meals developed by Dutch company Boon Food Concepts.

The company says the new microwaveable Boon range is the first ready meal of its type in the Netherlands to be found in the chiller aisle of the supermarket and packaged in a standup pouch. It comes in three varieties – curry, chili and white bean tomato – and has a shelf life of six weeks.

Inspired by his travels around India and Brazil, where beans form the basis of many dishes, Boon Food Concepts founder Michael Luesink has developed his ready-meal products by sourcing beans from local farmers.

"There is a growing demand for healthy, fresh convenience food in the Netherlands, and we've had an excellent response to the new Boon range,” Luesink says. “Its success is down to a combination of the product and packaging. CFP Grootegast's standup pouches offered the ideal solution, and they have been very supportive throughout the production process."

Standup pouches offer a lightweight, convenient, durable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging, such as glass jars and aluminium cans. The option of all-round print together with high-quality, multi-color print options means better branding and shelf appeal.

"It is always exciting to be involved in a new product launch, particularly when it is a new concept,” says Martina Fidder, sales manager at CFP Grootegast. “There is much less choice when it comes to ready meals in the Netherlands compared, for example, to the UK, so it was great to be involved in the project."

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging