Constantia Flexibles Group is closing down its plant in Bucharest, Romania. The closure is expected to be finalized by July 2017 and will affect about 90 employees, company officials say.

The company will continue to serve its customers from the confectionery and snack industries from its qualified, large-scale plants in Weiden, Germany; Ankara, Turkey; and Kleszczow, Poland.

“We will carry out this closure in a fair and socially responsible way, while at the same time ensuring that our valued customers experience no disruption in supply,” says Stefan Grote, executive vice president of the food Europe division at Constantia Flexibles. “The transfer of production capacities will also mean we can offer a dedicated plant concept to our customers in the long term, thus optimizing order placement, production scheduling, logistics and quality.”

Constantia Flexibles’ food Europe division has 12 production sites in eight countries, serving the dairy, processed meat and confectionery/processed food industries. 

Constantia Flexibles Group