Impak Corp. has named veteran machinery engineer Tod Cooper as product manager for its machinery division. 

Impak offers an extensive line of made-in-the-USA sealing equipment, including custom machinery produced to meet specific requirements.

“We’re excited to have Tod at Impak to help continue to expand our machinery division,” says Kevin Cullen, president of Impak Corp. “His product knowledge regarding both nozzle style and chamber vacuum sealers may well be unequaled in the industry. As demand for our standard and custom-built machinery grows, he will serve as the resident expert and point person for customers looking to get the best sealing solution for their application.”

Cooper started his career at Gramatech, tapping his engineering skills to build vacuum-sealing prototypes. 

“I realized early on that it was one thing to build or repair a machine and another thing to distribute, market and sell it,” Cooper says. “I also saw that many customers had unique demands for sealing their packages that many times even stock machines required modification. It was something the industry long underperformed at.” 

Cooper worked his way up to general manager as Gramatech evolved into a division of SECO, a manufacturer of slider zipper bags. For the last six years, Cooper worked as product manager for Ontario, California-based Promarksvac Corp.

“The great thing about Impak is the capacity to custom fabricate sealing equipment and deliver as promised,” Cooper says. “Many companies claim 12-14 week lead times for their custom builds, but routinely deliver months behind schedule. The company recently accepted an order from a major multinational chemical corporation for a 48-inch wide vertical format vacuum sealer and shipped the finished unit in 26 days. Impak has an in-house team dedicated to fabricating some really unique systems that other manufacturers will not quote. We also sell and service sealing machine models of defunct companies or from firms that cannot perform sophisticated PLC/HMI upgrades to their own equipment.”

Impak Corp.