INX International Ink Co. will launch INXhrc, a new eco-friendly product line, at Booth No. 104 during InfoFlex 2017. 

The high-performance inks and coatings, which allow for flexographic and gravure printing on a wide array of end-use packages, will be showcased with special-effects inks and coatings during the May 1-2 event at the Phoenix Convention Center.

INXhrc is an ink system developed to replace petrochemically derived ingredients with clean, renewable and sustainable alternatives. It allows brand owners and printers to reduce their impact on the environment, while simultaneously maximizing efficiencies.

In combination with INXSperse Plus Dispersions ink bases, INXhrc products afford the ability to print with color strength and performance. Jim Garvey, technical manager at INX, said some packaging options being trialed include sandwich wrappers, plastic and paper carryout bags, folding cartons, trays, corrugated containers, hot and cold beverage cups, napkins and labels.

“The INXhrc product line has received a great reception from printers,” Garvey said. “On the brand owner side, these products are gaining wide acceptance from retail outfitters and food service organizations that have made a commitment to lowering their environmental impact.”

Besides performance, Garvey added, the INXhrc line is compelling brand owners to impact their supply chains and remove harmful packaging ingredients that could pose health concerns to their customers. 

Garvey said the products address those concerns and are free of allergens, fluorochemicals, heavy metals and nanomaterials. 

“INXhrc offers the versatility and customization to run multiple print applications across many processing vehicles on most equipment,” he said. “In many cases, multiple ink vehicles can be consolidated into a single vehicle, thereby reducing inventory levels and increasing efficiencies.”

Inx International Ink Co.