TC Transcontinental Packaging took home one gold and two silver awards from the Packaging Association of Canada (PAC) Canadian Leadership Awards. 

The competition recognizes and celebrates excellence in packaging brand design and innovation. TC Flexstar, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, won the gold award in the Specific Package – Flexible category for the structural design and print of Blue Orchard Smackers packaging. 

TC Optium won the silver award in the same category for the Federated Co-op Gold packaging. TC Robbie also stood out in the Sustainable Packaging category, taking home the silver award for its Hot N’ Handy Rotisserie Flexible Pouch. 

“These awards are a testimony to the creativity and talent of our teams who are always working to create brilliant packaging that meets today’s consumer needs and demands,” says Rebecca Casey, senior director of marketing at TC Transcontinental Packaging. “We know that in our industry, an innovative approach and great collaboration with our partners are essential. We are very proud of what we were able to achieve and thrilled to see that our efforts and the quality of our offering are being recognized by the industry.” 

Blue Orchard Smackers Packaging 
TC Flexstar’s color management and print expertise brought the images on the Blue Orchard Smacker’s Blueberry and Nut Clusters to life using a combination of print technology and pre-press/color management expertise. TC Flexstar printed the package graphics in eight colors, utilizing high-definition flexography with 150-line screen to capture the detail in the images and help bring justice to this beautifully designed package. Additionally, to convey the brand’s natural and healthy image, a registered matte coating was used to create a look and feel of wholesome goodness. 

Federated Co-op Gold Packaging 
TC Optium designed and managed the pre-media needs for Federated Co-op's Gold Tier 1 Brand, which targets a premium demographic in the marketplace. The package graphics, collaboratively designed by the Federated Co-op and TC Optium team, follow the Co-op Gold brand standard that includes the current centered tab design. This design allows for a more symmetrical layout, increasing the space for photography that lends itself to a premium look and feel. TC Optium and Federated Coop selected a color palette that was visually appealing for this product family, but were also mindful of the packaging production requirements (printed digitally by Swiss Pack to accommodate the short run needs).

Hot N’ Handy Rotisserie Flexible Pouch 
Improving the environmental impact of rotisserie packaging – typically greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water and landfill – was one of the reasons TC Robbie developed the Hot N’ Handy Rotisserie Pouch. Through consumer research and what the teams learned from retailers, TC Robbie quickly realized that a flexible package was needed. Throughout the development process, TC Robbie’s R&D team focused on creating a flexible package of convenience, while keeping the environmental impact top of mind. TC Robbie’s Hot N’ Handy pouch replaces the two-piece rigid dome and lids. The team determined that the pouch generates approximately 84 percent less carbon-dioxide emissions to produce a flexible pouch versus a rigid two-piece container. The pouch also uses 92 percent less crude oil and reduces land fill waste by 66 percent. 

TC Transcontinental Packaging