The Packaging & Specialty Plastics business of The Dow Chemical Company has launched an adhesive solution that helps to maximize resource efficiency, favorably influence packaging cost, enhance recyclability and optimize the shelf life of food packaging. Dow’s ADCOTETM L86-500 barrier adhesive enables the replacement of PET, metallized and aluminum-based packaging structures with an all-polyolefin solution which is easily recyclable in existing processes.

“Sustainability is increasingly important in the food and beverage industries, with all members of the value chain seeking to find innovative ways to promote recyclability whilst remaining cost competitive,” explains Jaroslaw Jelinek, EMEA marketing manager for adhesives at Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics. “With our latest innovation we meet the demand of flexible packaging industry players which are looking for more sustainable and effective medium barrier packaging.”

A key enabler of the all-polyolefin package from Dow is the ADCOTETM L86-500 barrier adhesive. Designed for medium barrier applications, it can provide additional protection against oxygen and moisture. The adhesive can help enable the production of packaging that is recyclable in standard recycling schemes, resource efficient and has the same shelf life performance as PET-based packaging.

When used with selected existing barrier film products, Dow’s solution can help provide down gauging and layer simplification opportunities, while improving the flex-crack resistance of metallized or aluminum-containing structures.


Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics