Innovative Pouch Packaging, LLC, a subsidiary of Polymer Packaging, has enhanced its filling services with the addition of two new pouch fitment inserting machines. The investment is ideal for converters who need fitments inserted into pre-made pouches, as the company is able provide both pouch converting and fitment insertion out of a single facility.

The first machine was installed in May and the second one is planned for July.

Polymer launched its Innovative Pouch Packaging brand in July 2016 out of a 50,000 square-foot, ISO 9000-certified and FDA compliant facility in Allendale, Michigan.

“I am proud to say we have addressed one huge problem area with fitment pouches for both converters and brand owners,” explains Bill Lanham, Polymer Packaging president. “This has to do with the big expense of tooling for fitments and caps on both the pouch inserting machines and the automatic fill lines. We have invested in the tooling requirements up front for four various sized fitments from a small 9 mm, medium 13 mm, large 16 mm and 21.5 mm gallon bottle size. This means converters who will guide their customers to our four stock fitments can help their customer launch a new project, bring us new fitment pouch opportunities and avoid the upfront tooling expense, which can be as much as $30,000. This single issue can be a project killer for a new prospective pouch client considering a new product launch.”

Lanham also says having the fitment inserting operations and filling operations at one facility saves money in transportation costs.


Polymer Packaging