The recently released FPA/IHS Bi-Annual Polyolefin Report is available to members on the FPA website, The report is a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of the polyolefin industry based from the FPA 2017 Annual Meeting presentation by Nick Vafiadis, Global Business Director, Polyolefins and Plastics, IHS Chemical.

The report covers key issues that are expected to drive the evolution of the industry in the near future. The focus is olefin feedstocks, PE and PP markets, pricing trends, and related energy and economic issues. It also includes Polyethylene resin (the largest volume resin consumed in the flexible packaging industry) and Polypropylene resin (PP film is the largest volume of film consumed in the industry). Recently updated economy and energy reports from IHS’s Economic (Global Insight) and Energy (CERA) groups are also included in the report.

For More Information

FPA members can view and download copies of the report by visiting the Members Only section of the FPA website, An update to the spring 2017 Bi-Annual Polyolefins Market Report will be published in Fall 2017.