In our May issue, we dished on some of the speakers, sessions and pre-show events that attendees of the upcoming Global Pouch Forum show (June 14-16 at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami, Florida) can expect. As part of our pre-show coverage, it’s only fitting to highlight some of the innovations and new products that attendees can learn about during the networking and exhibit hall portions of the Forum.

Here’s a closer look at some of these products and innovations. Think of it as a little sneak peek of what to expect at the Forum this June.

Products and Innovations at GPF

Aplix (B15): Aplix’s EASY-LOCK reclosable system helps distinguish products from ordinary packages with the use of multiple rows of audible and tactile hooks that engage with light pressure, making it easy and simple for everyone to use. EASY-LOCK even seals when particulates get trapped in the reclose track. The closures are now offered on small- and medium-sized bags.

Aptar (A44): Aptar’s pouch dispensing solutions, which range from child-friendly spouts and closures to one-piece dispensing spouts and inverted pouches, will be on display. Its child-friendly spouts include EZ Grip, EZ Twist and VersaSpout. Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze valve with its anti-spill feature leads to ease of use and less mess for on-the-go lifestyles. Other Aptar pouch fitments include EZ Pour and Quick Flip, both of which are one-piece dispensing spouts featuring a flip-top lid and built in tamper evidence.

Atlapac (A27): The contract converter will have a lot to share with Global Pouch Forum attendees. For starters, it recently added a flat-bottom pouch line and ultrasonic coffee valve system. It will also be sharing bag samples from its new B&B pet line. Atlapac has also added a second line for producing child-resistant pouches as well as a new zipper to its offerings, the SC-Zip.

Constantia Flexibles (B9): Constantia Flexibles will be sharing examples of its resealable packaging, including flexible packages that incorporate pressure-sensitive, recloseable labels. The converter prints and applies pressure-sensitive labels to pre-printed flexible film. The film is then die-cut to provide the consumer with a recloseable feature. Known as SpearSeal technology, the resealable feature is quick to open and easy to close, and approved for FDA and CFIA indirect food content.

Charter NEX (A26): Charter NEX will showcase the latest in innovative film solutions, including GreenArrow recyclable multi-layer films and 5-layer film technology. GreenArrow films, which include 100 percent PE films and renewable resin-based films, meet the content requirements for the How2Recycle Store Drop-Off label. GreenArrow films can be recycled where PE recycling streams are available. Charter NEX moisture barrier and impact resistant 5-layer films offer improved performance compared to traditional monolayer and 3-layer films.

CMD (A10): CMD will be discussing its new technology developments for pouch converters that will be released in 2018. Though the company can’t fully disclose what these new developments are just yet, CMD encourages attendees to stop by its booth for a discussion on current points of pain with pouch making and how the process can become better streamlined.

Elplast (A6): Elplast will be showcasing its EL-ZIP Triple-Zip, a press-to-close solution that features three locking profiles designed for enhancing package hermetics. Additional audible and tactile features are added to provide consumers with sound and feel, and confirmation that a package was, and is, closed.

Hudson-Sharp (A39): Hudson-Sharp will be discussing its new 7530 High-Speed Pouch Machine, which runs at speeds of up to 400 cpm. The machine is configured for making retort pouches, and can also run 2 lanes to produce up to 800 pouches per minute. The machine is designed to help converters capitalize on the expected market growth when it comes to standup and retort pouches.

Jindal Films (A52): Jindal Films will show how it is transforming the industry’s approach to sealants. Through material and process innovation, Jindal Films has developed a suite of biaxially-oriented products that are blurring the lines between the traditional roles of polymer substrates. These enhanced sealant films deliver great stiffness, which allows for significant downgauging and sustainability benefits.

Karlville (A17): Karlville will be discussing its Widmann SI-100 ultrasonic pouch machine, specifically its benefits in creating spouted pouches for the food market. Via a joint investment between Karlville, Hoffer Plastics and Widmann, Hoffer’s T-Lok spout is able to be ultrasonically welded by the machine. The fill-through spout system offers superior tamper evidence, strong seal integrity and design compatibility with pre-made pouches on existing fill lines, among others.

Kuraray (B22): Kuraray will have several of its high-barrier plastics on hand, including the PLANTIC HP Sheet, EVAL EVOH resins and KURARISTER film. PLANTIC HP combines high-barrier film performance with bio-based content to offer a more sustainable solution for converters. EVAL EVOH resins are designed for high-performance applications, and KURARISTER is a transparent high-barrier retortable film ideal for laminated standup pouch and lidding applications.

Mamata (A28): Mamata will show its pouch-making equipment and HFFS and PFS systems. The company’s pouch-making equipment offers the ability to handle laminates and co-extruded films with ease. Mamata offers four different types of pouch machines to serve converters and will have samples of co-extruded pouches and flat-bottom pouches at its booth.

Menshen (A2): Menshen will show its child-friendly cap and weld spout, a closure that’s ideal for pouch packs in the food sector. The unique, patented design with a plug is able to reduce oxygen transmission, ensure reliable sterilization during filling and eliminate product in the fitment neck.

Modern Manufacturing (A13): Modern Manufacturing will be discussing its three latest standup pouch machines. The new machines include Momentum, which is ideal for short- to mid-volume runs and features a changeover time of about 20 minutes. Velocity is a machine designed for mid- to high-volume production, and its Catalyst machine features high throughput and is also ideal for mid- to high-volume runs.

Pearl Technologies (B23): Pearl Technologies will be showcasing its new UltraFlex HD punch attachment, which gives pouch manufacturers the comparable edge quality of traditional zero-clearance punch units, but at a lower cost. UltraFlex HD eliminates the expense and downtime of sharpening the punch on traditional zero-clearance pouches and can be rotated 90 degrees to allow the punch to face upward during replacement for fast changeovers and a higher degree of safety.

Toppan (B5): Toppan USA will be showing various lineups of its GL FILM, a transparent barrier film ideal for food and beverage, medical and industrial applications. Toppan is now better able to serve North American customers with its products with the 2016 opening of a transparent barrier film production plant in Griffin, Georgia.

Totani (A30): Totani will share information on a standup pouch machine, die-cut unit and spout insertion machine at the show. The company’s standup pouch machine on display includes servo auto-positioning and one-touch seal bar change for fast changeovers as well as an option for running PE/PE recyclable pouches. Its full-shape die-cut unit offers fast setup, better scrap removal and permits increased blade life with speeds up to 200 cpm. Its ST-30 spout inserter will also be on display.

Velcro (B32): Velcro’s PRESS-LOK hook-to-hook closure system will be on display. The system permits a non-tedious alignment structure for easy opening and closing. The PRESS-LOK 779 features audible and tactile qualities that assure packages are securely fastened, avoiding unnecessary messes and providing a reliable storage solution. The design also allows for pouring directly from the package and is even suitable for loose, powder-like products.

2017 Global Pouch Forum

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  • Where: InterContinental Hotel, Miami, Florida
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