Ashland has received a U.S. patent for its PureKote 23589 dispersion and PureKote 21412A cross-linking agent coating system. 

The technology tandem creates a coating for flexible packaging that is water and scuff resistant. It also improves consumer appeal with its soft-touch feel and matte finish, company officials say.  The coating system may be used safely in food packaging applications regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, including paper and plastic bags, pouches, lidding films, foil bags and sachets.  

The system was launched in late 2015 with patent-pending status and has been well-received by converters and brand owners.

“This is another example of how Ashland’s scientists are always solving our customers’ challenges,” says Suzanne Rowland, vice president of industrial specialties at Ashland. “This technology not only makes their products more alluring, it makes them more usable, and that can be the difference between a successful product and an ordinary one.”

PureKote 23589 coating delivers “soft touch” properties and can be pattern-applied, creating a unique packaging experience with both opaque sections and clear “windows” that allow consumers to see the product inside. It is particularly well-suited for packaging used on foods and pet foods labeled natural or organic. It can also be used on pressure-sensitive labels, boxes and other non-food applications.

“This coating is safe for use with any food type and for some elevated temperature conditions,” says Catherine Heckman, industry manager for laminating adhesives and coatings at Ashland. “PureKote coating is print receptive and can be used with foils, nylon, PET, OPP, vinyl and other plastic film substrates. It can be applied via gravure or flexographic process with an enclosed-chamber doctor blade.”

PureKote 23589 is a water-based dispersion in liquid form, while PureKote 21412A is a 100 percent solids cross-linking agent. As a top coat, the system delivers 60-degree gloss in the 0.5 to 4 range, depending on the substrate used.