Cosmo Films now offers an extended range of direct thermal printable (DTP) products, a line that includes standard DTP films, top-coated DTP films, high temperature DTP films and DTP paper.

Direct thermal printing is generally used for tagging and labelling applications where elaborate printing is not required and printing is done only for critical information. Direct thermal printing does not require an ink ribbon for printing, and the image/impression formation takes place simply when coated substrate comes in contact with the print head of the thermal printer.

The company has just launched a BOPP-based top-coated direct thermal printable film which is water- and solvent-resistant and can be used for tough weather labelling, such as deep freeze product labelling, industrial bar coding, track and trace, and logistics. The film can endure temperatures of -20 to 70 degrees F. A high temperature resistance variety with endurance level as high as 130 degrees F is also being offered.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Kapil Anand, Head - Speciality Labeling Exports, Cosmo Films said,

“Direct thermal printing has been gaining significant prominence in recent times due to its ease of use, low total applied cost and optimum image density, and we are glad that we can offer both paper and film solutions for a wide range of applications now being printed by this printing technology,” says Kapil Anand, head of specialty labeling exports at Cosmo Films


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