Wikoff’s energy-cure coatings R&D experts have formulated high-performance coatings exclusively using materials from the Swiss Ordinances A and B lists that comply with the latest Nestlé 2016 Guidance Note for food packaging. The coatings were developed to be low-migration, low-odor and safe for most food packaging applications.  

Wikoff Color offers several electron beam (EB) cured coatings for the food packaging end-use market, such as EBC-15495. This coating not only exhibits superior performance on press, but it also has very low odor and low extractable levels. EBC-16035 is formulated to give print surfaces a brilliant gloss finish, while containing no non-curable components. These EB curable coatings are both suitable for multiple substrates, including paper, paperboard, polyboard, film, foil and plastic.

Wikoff also has a variety of ultra violet (UV) cured coatings available. UVC-13125 is a high-gloss UV curable coating containing polymeric photoinitiators and is HDODA-free, ITX-free and BPA-free, which makes it a great option for most food packaging applications where low odor is necessary. This product has a low skin irritation level and demonstrates very good flexibility. It provides good adhesion to a wide range of plastics and is suitable for food packaging with inner wrapping. UVC-16241 is another great choice for most food packaging due to its highly flexible UV gloss finish that is HDODA-free, ITX-free and BPA-free. This coating was originally formulated for high-shrink applications, but has proven to be effective on a wide variety of substrates, including paper, paperboard, polyboard, film and foil.


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