Flexographic Tech is celebrating the graduation of David Bey, Adam Byam, David Forbes and Edward Lashley from its press operator course. 

When the now-graduates began the course almost 12 weeks ago, they were completely new to flexographic printing. After completing the rigorous mix of 80 percent hands-on and 20 percent classroom training, all four graduates are now able to successfully operate flexographic presses, the organization said.

Part of the students’ final exam was to run a tight register, 7-color job with a die cut. In order to receive maximum points, they were required to set up the job in under 850 feet. Time played a pivotal role in the grading process, as the students had to perform both setup and cleanup in less than 3 1/2 hours. In addition, the students completed an intense 150-question written final and achieved their FTA Level One Certification. 

To attend the nearly three-month course, Bey, Forbes and Lashley traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, from Malvern, Philadelphia, where they are employed as extruder and slitter operators at Infiana. Byam worked in receiving at AWT Labels & Packaging in Minneapolis.

The course ran from April 4th through June 9th and concluded with a celebratory presentation of program graduation certificates.

Here’s what the latest graduating class had to say about their experience at Flexo Tech:

David Bey: “Traveling from Philadelphia to the Midwest, I did not know what to expect from Flexo Tech and the exciting world of flexography. I've learned about anilox rolls and their importance to the flexo industry. After my time spent training at Flexo Tech, walking into a supermarket is a totally new experience knowing that 90 percent of the (products) printed was done through flexography.”

David Forbes: “I have been in manufacturing and extrusion for 10 years and thought I (knew) it all. There were some similarities in terminology and web-handling and tensions, but I quickly identified that I had lots to learn. I had no idea what an anilox roll was or even registration. This class was intense and covered a lot of content in a short period of time. I feel good about what I learned and amazed at what I can run on a press. I am looking forward to my future as a flexo press operator.”

Adam Byam: “After graduating from Flexo Tech, I have a new appreciation for labels found on consumer products at grocery and big box stores. Flexo Tech is a great school that deepened my understanding of the flexographic world. It was an excellent hands-on learning experience. Shawn, with his passion, was an excellent instructor and makes going forward in this industry exciting.”

Ed Lashley: “The Flexo Tech Class was intense, and I learned a lot. I never thought there was this much to know about printing.”

Flexographic Tech