Harper Corp. of America recently hosted a training seminar at their DePere, Wisconsin, manufacturing facility. The seminar was focused on educating printers on the different measurement methods for verifying volume on anilox rolls.

Alan Rogers, vice president of sales at Harper Corp., says these types of educational workshops are important because there isn’t a standardized measurement system in the flexo industry. Many customers are investing in scopes to verify their anilox volumes and are unaware of the volume differences between common scopes available in today's market.

The seminar also featured different methods of measuring, such as the Microdynamics 3DQC (scope), Anicam (scope), EchoCheks, Liquid Volume, Capatch and gravure scope. Each one of these systems is used throughout the industry. However, each measures differently and provides different results, thus confusing customers.

Josh Kiser, Harper Corp.'s HarperScientific product manager, led the session and provided detailed information on each of these measurement systems. Kiser says this type of hands-on workshop is the most effective way to get a better understanding of the industry methods in place to measure volumes. He also says scopes should be used for process and inventory control rather than volume verification since they may differ from an anilox supplier’s volume measurement system.

This was an open forum as customers provided valuable feedback to compare their internal methods of managing their anilox inventory and gained much needed insight on how to use scopes as a tool for maintaining consistency in their process.

Harper Corp. of America