Toray Plastics (America) has launched Lumirror MK61HB and PA1HB barrier-coated polyester film as alternatives to foil, PVdC-coated PET and OPP, and AlOx-coated PET. MK61HB metallized-barrier PET offers outstanding oxygen- and moisture-barrier protection, while PA1HB clear-barrier PET delivers outstanding oxygen barrier. Both films offer superior aroma protection. 

The foundation of these new films is Toray’s proprietary PET, which is known for its excellent thermal stability and modified print surface. The biaxial orientation and barrier coating of the new films are conducted inline in one, streamlined production step – a process that is unique in the films industry. No chlorine is used in Toray’s proprietary coating formula. The metallizing of MK61HB is also done by Toray. If hermetic seals are required, Toray can integrate a sealant layer through extrusion coating. The barrier coating may be metallized and extrusion coated, depending on the customer’s barrier, sealant, and aesthetic requirements. 

“The market and chemistries for film barrier technology are changing,” says Kerri Boyens, product manager for new product development at Toray Plastics (America). “The increasing popularity of ‘grab and go’ healthful and artisanal foods, evolving distribution channels that create the need for longer shelf life, and the growth of online shopping for everyday consumables are major market shifts facing CPGs. Improved oxygen-, moisture-, and aroma-barrier films, such as MK61HB and PA1HB, that are manufactured with a minimal number of production steps are smart, versatile solutions.” 

Metallized MK61HB and clear-barrier PA1HB are designed for use as an outer layer in a two-ply lamination or as the middle layer in a three-ply lamination. Their adhesion layer is suitable for laminating, adhesive coating, or printing. They are ideal for regular and standup pouches as well as lidding.

Applications include gas-flushed items, such as coffee, traditional and healthful snacks, cookies and other baked goods, confectionery items, dry and powdered foods, and pet food. They are also an excellent choice for health, beauty, personal care, household goods and detergent packaging. 

Toray Plastics (America)